nngeo 0.1.0 (2018-01-16)

  • Initial version

nngeo 0.1.5 (2018-03-16)

  • Added tests for ‘st_nn’
  • Added progress bar for ‘st_nn’ (except when using projected points method) and for ‘st_connect’
  • Added C code (Vincenty) for ‘st_nn’ lon-lat points method
  • Fixed sample size mistake in ‘st_nn’ example
  • Fixed error when using ‘sfc’ objects

nngeo 0.1.8 (2018-05-15)

  • ‘st_connect’ lines snap to polygon/line outline instead of centroid
  • Added new examples
  • Fixed progress bar issues
  • Changed formatting in vignette

nngeo 0.2.0 (2018-07-18)

  • Added OpenMP support
  • Added ‘dist’ (sampling point interval) parameter for ‘st_connect’
  • Fixed progress bar issues in ‘st_connect’
  • Switched from ‘for’ loop to ‘lapply’ in ‘st_connect’

nngeo 0.2.1 (2018-07-21)

  • Removed OpenMP support due to issue with Solaris

nngeo 0.2.2 (2018-09-29)

  • Using ‘STRICT_R_HEADERS’ in Rcpp

nngeo 0.2.4 (2018-12-06)

  • Added ‘st_ellipse’ function
  • Added ‘st_remove_holes’ function

nngeo 0.2.7 (2019-03-12)

  • Added ‘st_postgis’ function
  • Added ‘st_segments’ function

nngeo 0.2.8 (2019-05-12)

  • Change C code from ‘distance.c’ to ‘GeographicLib’
  • Use C code through the C API instead of ‘Rcpp’

nngeo 0.2.9 (2019-08-07)

  • Added ‘raster_focal’, a wrapper around ‘raster::focal’
  • Added ‘raster_clump’, a wrapper around ‘raster::clump’
  • Added ‘raster_slope’ and ‘raster_aspect’, wrappers around ‘raster::terrain’ for calculating topographic slope and aspect rasters
  • Added ‘raster_extract’, a wrapper around ‘raster::extract’
  • Added ‘raster_trim’, a wrapper around ‘raster::trim’

nngeo 0.3.0 (2019-12-03)

  • Added ‘raster_extend’, a wrapper around ‘raster::extend’
  • When using ‘returnDist=TRUE’, distances are now returned as sparse ‘list’ rather than a ‘matrix’

nngeo 0.3.4 (2020-02-03)

  • ‘st_nn’ with ‘returnDist=TRUE’ returns named list with elements ‘nn’ and ‘dist’
  • Replaced ‘towns’ dataset
  • Removed ’raster_*" functions (moved to package ‘geobgu’)
  • Added ‘focal2’ function (a 3x3 focal filter on ‘stars’)
  • Added ‘line’ and ‘pnt’ sample data (based on pgRouting tutorial)
  • Added ‘st_split_junctions’ function
  • ‘st_connect’ now uses ‘st_nearest_point’ rather than point sampling
  • ‘st_connect’ removes CRS before calculating nearest point, to omit the warning when using lon-lat

nngeo 0.3.7 (2020-04-04)

  • Added parallel processing option for ‘st_nn’
  • Added ‘st_azimuth’ function
  • Removed ‘focal2’ function (moved to package ‘starsExtra’)
  • ‘st_nn’ now raises error if any geometry is empty
  • Switched C API from ‘.Call’ to ‘.C’

nngeo 0.3.8 (2020-06-10)

  • Switched from ‘testthat’ to ‘tinytest’

nngeo 0.3.9 (2020-08-11)

  • Fixed bug in ‘st_nn’ when ‘parallel>1’

nngeo 0.4.0 (2020-10-18)

  • Added ‘pkgdown’ site
  • Ignoring ‘parallel’ argument for projected points input in ‘st_nn’
  • Switched from ‘RANN’ to ‘nabor’

nngeo 0.4.1 (2021-01-07)

  • Removed ‘st_split_junctions’ function
  • Added ‘max_area’ argument in ‘st_remove_holes’ (Luigi Ranghetti)

nngeo 0.4.2

  • Minor fixes in vignette